Three Green Ways to Heat Your Home and Save Money

Renewable energy systems

A recent collaborative poll by The New York Times and CBS revealed that a majority of Americans believe that the environment should be a priority and that human activity is driving global warming. As protecting the environment and lessening our contribution to global warming becomes a greater concern, many people are seeking out ways that they can personally reduce their impact. One way that homeowners can help the environment and save money at the same time is to use more eco-friendly home heating systems. Green, efficient home heating solutions can adequately heat an entire home while cutting back on heating bills and reducing the use of fossil fuels. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, consider using one of the following home heating options as an alternative to traditional systems:

  1. Heat Pumps – Heat pumps are an extremely efficient way to circulate warm air throughout a home with very little energy. These devices get their energy from either the ground or the air and work by pulling heat from one of these two sources and then distributing it indoors. Ground heat pumps are generally more efficient, but they are more expensive to install than air heat pumps. One of the great advantages of these home heating options are that they can double as an air conditioning unit in the summer.
  2. Wood – Wood is considered a biomass fuel and is much more eco-friendly than using fossil fuels to heat a home. The carbon dioxide that is released when biomass fuels like wood are burned is essentially equal to the amount of carbon dioxide that plants absorb from the atmosphere. Wood can be burned on a small scale to heat only one room with a wood stove or fireplace, but can also be used in a biomass boiler to provide energy to heat a home through a central heating system.
  3. Solar Power – Sun is plentiful in most parts of the country, even during the winter months when temperatures plummet. When solar energy is collected, it can be used to heat either liquid or air, which in turn can be distributed throughout a home with a central heating system. Solar panels can be installed on home and commercial buildings to collect solar energy from the sun’s rays. This home heating source is another great way to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

All of these home heating options are great ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and save a little money over the winter. Get more on this here:

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