Three of the Biggest Threats Your Fence Faces

Residential fencing costs

House fences aren’t cheap. Chain link fences can cost $7 per foot; wooden fences can cost $15 per foot; vinyl fences can cost $20 per foot; and wrought iron fences? Those can cost as much as $30 per foot. Depending on the material you use and the size of your home, it’s easy to see how house fences can cost thousands of dollars to install.

With an investment so expensive, you’re naturally going to want to take care of it. Here are a few of the biggest dangers house fences face every day.


Perhaps the most obvious of elements that can damage your fence are the elements themselves. Mother nature is none too kind to house fences. Rain, sleet, snow, and other forms of precipitation can cause wooden fences to rot and metal fences to rust, while intense hours of direct sunlight can cause wood fencing to becoming brittle. This is why it’s best to waterproof your wood or metal fences with a water-repellent stainer and your wood fences with a water-repellent primer.

Fallen Branches.

As awesome as the trees in homeowners’ yards are — providing all that shade and oxygen — they’re a threat to their house fences. Heavy branches can break and fall off, and if they land on house fences, they can cause them substantial damage. Homeowners would be wise to trim any low-hanging branches before winter sets in. Also, it’s a good idea to check nearby trees for any unstable or broken branches after a storm hits.

Yard Debris.

Fallen branches aren’t the only threat trees pose to house fences. Leaves and other bits of organic debris are harmful, too. When debris gets trapped against fences, it accelerates rot or rust. To avoid this problem, homeowners need to keep their grass trim, ensuring that it doesn’t grow too long against the fence. They’d also be wise to rake and clear any leaves before they pile up against the fences.

House fences are a great investment, and needed to be treated as such. Should homeowners fail to care and tend to their fences, the elements, fallen branches, and yard debris will all destroy them.

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