Three Reasons Every Homeowner Should Consider Going Solar

Solar energy for residential homes

The leading form of renewable energy in America is solar. Harnessing the unlimited, clean power of the sun is becoming more of a priority for lawmakers and homeowners alike — in the first six months of 2014, solar energy accounted for more than half of all new power generation in the United States. The solar energy advantages are numerous, but here are the three main reasons that homeowners should think about equipping their houses with a residential solar energy system.

1. Cost-Efficiency
One of the biggest draws of going solar for homeowners is that it’s a pretty cost-effective move. The cost of residential solar panels has actually gone down significantly — by 80% between the years 2009 and 2013. Besides the fact that solar systems are getting cheaper to install, they’re also a long term source of savings on utility bills. Since a solar energy system is going to create energy for your home, you’ll be less dependent on the electric company.

2. Solar Incentives
Another reason that homeowners should consider installing a solar system, aside from the fact that they’re getting cheaper, is that there are solar incentives for people who equip their homes with renewable energy systems. A bill signed by Barack Obama in 2009 expanded on existing tax credits for renewable energy resources; the federal government provides a 30% tax rebate (with no cap) on solar panels, among other renewable energy upgrades.

3. Sustainability
Though sustainability is not at the top of a homeowner’s list of reasons to go solar (number one is usually related to money), it is definitely a concern. As of 2013, there were about 400,000 residential homes in the United States using solar power. This is a number that is undoubtedly growing, as more and more Americans become concerned with their own carbon footprints and their effects on the environment.

Are you thinking about equipping your home with a home solar energy system? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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