Three Reasons to Choose a Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless cipp

Most homeowners are well aware, either by personal experience or the horror stories of others, that there are some parts of the home that have a massive price tag attached to repair in the event of an unexpected negative event. A sewer line breaking is one such event, with the price going far beyond what the pipe itself, or even the labor to install the pipe, costs, but also the catastrophic damage to the property from digging that must also be repaired. There is, however, another option, largely unknown, that does not involve digging. These trenchless options have many benefits, but most sewer line failures are emergencies and do not allow for much research time, a fact that accounts for the general lack of awareness. Three of the benefits of these trenchless options are listed here to allow people to make more informed choices.

    No Property Damage: This is often the only reason an individual needs to decide in favor of this newer, cleaner repair method. Cured-in-place pipes, or cipp, are one type of these newer options. Trenchless cipp has the advantage being seamless and jointless, and it is funneled down into the existing repair, essentially repiping the section without the necessity of digging up the old parts, tearing up driveways, flowerbeds, and swimming pools in the process. Cipp manufacturers have produced an appealing alternative, yet some need more reason to switch from a tried and true repair technique.
  1. Speed: Another highly appealing advantage to sewer lining systems opposed to traditional pipe techniques is the speed of it. Without the digging, removal of the old pipe and refill of the hole, pipe lining systems can accomplish the repair in a fraction of the time. This is a benefit not only for convenience during winter. Water damage and freezing are responsible for roughly 22% of all the insurance claims filed by homeowners, with an average $4024 paid on each claim. Fast repair performed immediately minimizes the damage.
  2. Price: A first price check of the two options will make the cipp manufacturers option seem to be pricier, but that only at first. Even at 30 to 50 more expensive, without the digging and destruction, cured in place pipe is still often the most cost-effective choice.

Those who think their sewer might be at risk, do not wait for an emergency to prove you right. Get it checked and know for sure.

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