Three Tips on Filing a Water Damage Insurance Claim

Basement wall waterproofing

Did you know that over the last decade, there has been a 136% increase in the number of claims related to water damage in Ontario? This means that more people are dealing with flooding, seeking out the help of basement leaks repair companies, and trying to find ways to keep the water out of their homes.

During heavy rain storms, homes that do not have interior or exterior basement waterproofing or a basement sump pump, are at risk for flooding. Once the water seeps into the basement, it can cause significant damage to the interior walls of a house. The build up of moisture could eventually lead to hazardous mold growth.

If you are facing water damage in your basement, and you think that you need to file a claim with the insurance company, be diligent, because the process can complicated.

Here are a few ways to make filing a claim easier on you.

  • Don’t Clean Up. In most cases, you won’t want to touch anything that has been damaged in your house. Of course, you will want to have excess water pumped out of your basement if it is flooded, but try not to move any items that were caught in the flood. This will give you ample evidence for your claim when an adjuster comes to stake out the basement.
  • Be Like the Paparazzi. Just like celebrities are stalked by the paparazzi, and have their picture taken constantly, you will want to hover over your basement like a creepy photographer. Take a whole slew of pictures to document the damage. You will also want to check if any of the damage has worsened, and keep taking snapshots of these changes.
  • Document Incident. If you know that the flooding happened because of a rainstorm, you can simply say this on the claim. But if you just had a new water heater installed and it burst, causing water damage, or a neighbor’s pipes burst and sent water into your home, you will want to document this as well. This way, these parties can be held accountable for the damage.

Even though you can always file a claim for water damage and call a basement leaks repair company for help, it’s a long process that could take months. Instead, protect your home from potential flooding by waterproofing your walls, and investing in a battery backup sump pump to save you some time.
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