Three Window Treatment Trends You Won’t Want to Miss!

Residential window treatments

In your home, your blinds are more than just functional. Sure, they keep the sun out, and trap the cool air that tries to escape through your windows, but have you ever considered how much they add to your home’s visual appeal?

When installing window treatments, many homeowners look for blinds that suit the decor inside their home, but also give it a pop of sophistication.

Each year brings new trends to the market, and if you are looking to jazz up your windows, you may want to hop on board.

Here are a few popular looks for 2014.

  • Layered. At the 2014 International Window Covering Expo, multi-layered window coverings featured prominently. This means that your windows will be covered with a combination of blinds, draperies, custom curtains, and shutters. Each of these elements can be tied together using the same patterns or colors, and can even contrast one another in a way that complements a room.
  • Accessories. Curtains, drapes and window shutters are not the only way to create the perfect window treatment. This year, the focus is also on the accessories that hold these elements together. Ornate curtain rods, tassels, drapery ties, and custom valences are a great way to add interest to your windows.
  • Two Inch Wood Blinds. Traditional blinds only give you a limited view of the outdoors, as they only allow for about an inch of space between each slat. But with this year’s multi-tilt slats, you can open the blinds, and pairs of slats join together to give you a larger viewing space. In other words, imagine the amount of space you would get if you glued two blinds together every time you opened them.

With the help of these these design tips, you will be able to keep your house looking up-to-date, and also maximize your home’s aesthetics. Visit here for more.

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