Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Shingle Roof

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Wooden types of roofing like wood shingles or shakes can create some tough roof repairs without proper maintenance.

Watch out for trouble spots on roofs like seams and valleys where leaves, pine needles and other debris can build up. If you don’t clean these areas out regularly, you may run into trouble, especially going into a wet season.

Removing debris is fairly simple. Usually, you can just safely climb on your roof and wash things off with a gentle garden hose and a stiff broom. Pay special attention to chimneys and valleys as well as the spaces between shingles.

You can also hire a professional with a pressure washer, but use caution. Cedar panels are especially soft and high-powered pressure washers may do more harm than good. They can age shingles prematurely and even detach them if the flow of water is strong enough. Contact affordable roofing contractors if you’re not sure how to go about removing debris.

Even if you use an expert, debris removal may not solve an underlying moisture problem. Debris makes it harder for wooden roofs to shed water, allowing moisture to pool and create leaks and rot. Moisture accumulation also encourages the growth of fungi which can destroy wood.

However, these fungi will have a much harder time growing if you can cut off their water supply. Removing debris isn’t always enough to dry out your wood shakes. Consider trimming or removing branches that hang over your roof, dropping debris and preventing the sun from drying the wood. Branches should never be allowed to touch the roof, as this can cause even more damage.

In areas with a lot of trees, branches may even keep air from flowing, which keeps wood from drying. If you’re having a lot of trouble with moss and lichen growth on your roof, it may be time to consider trimming or cutting down a few trees in your yard.

Regular maintenance is a fairly affordable roofing solution that may save you from less affordable roofing repairs in the future.

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