Tips for Preparing Your Air Conditioning Systems for Summer

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Is your air conditioning system ready for summer? Here are some quick fixes to make sure you’re ready when the heat hits:

    Replace your filters: A dirty filter can cause air conditioning units to freeze or break down entirely. During seasons where you’re using the AC a lot, it’s important to replace or clean your filters at least once a month. This simple airconditioning repair allows the air to flow freely through the unit and cuts down on the pollution in your home.

    Test your system: Get your system running before the first big heat wave and leave it on for an hour or two to suss out any possible problems. This way you have some time for larger airconditioning repairs if you require them and you won’t get caught in the heat.

    Check the ductwork: If your ventilation system has leaks, cracks or holes in it, you’re probably not getting all the cool air you’re paying for: it’s leaking out. Postponing airconditioning repairs like this can cost you 20% more on your energy bill to get even standard cooling. Seal cracks and tighten connectors to keep this from happening.

    Remove obstructions: The exterior of your AC unit includes many parts, including some which control the flow of air. Debris like leaves or dirt can clog up your AC unit and make it less effective, and plants, bushes and other yard decorations should be about two feet away from the unit.

    Get a professional inspection: Central AC units should be inspected and adjusted by a professional before every hot season. It’s also a good idea to have AC coils professionally inspected and cleaned before you turn on your AC for the summer. Most HVAC services offer home air conditioner repair, so don’t hesitate to call them and ask for an assessment.

Remember, HVAC repair costs might be minimal compared to what you’ll lose in energy costs with a faulty system. More can be found here.

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