Tools Any Homeowner Should Own

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If you are moving into a new home it is time to invest in some tools to help fix up your humble abode. Here is an expert-approved list of the best equipment any homeowner should own, but don’t worry if your homeowner budget cannot afford it as there are plenty of tools for rent from ladder scaffolding to concrete tool rental.

A trusty drill

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a good drill has the ability to fix almost everything that comes your way. Even better if you are able to get one with interchanging drill bits so you can have multiple drills in one. Also it is a good idea to get one that does not need to be plugged in as you can be more flexible in your work station.

Many different tapes

No worries if you are not that handy, as tape can fix everything from a broken mirror to a cracked table leg. Keep a stock of duct tape, electrical tape, and packing tape for everyday fixes, and don’t forget painters tape for those paint projects.

Adequate picture hangers and a level

Do not get those cheap plastic picture hangers that are popular in college dorms. They will most likely not be of the quality you are looking for. Get ones that are appropriate for each wall in your house, as plaster walls and drywall require different hangers. Don’t forget a level so your pictures look perfect.

Power screwdriver with multiple heads

This little guy will help you assemble furniture, prying things open, fixing glasses, and replacing light fixtures. Don’t forget to have multiple heads, both flat head and Phillips so you do not get stranded when you needed it the most.


Any homeowner needs a few different sized pliers in order to open up different bolts. To make things easier, utility kits are available so you don’t have to worry about measuring them yourself.

Voltage tester

Electrical fires are the culprit behind many house fires. So this small gadget will be able to tell you where the wire is live, so save yourself from a volt and a potential fire and invest in one today.

If you are just getting started, have no worries as there are plenty of tools for rent for any project under the sun.

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