Top Three Reasons to Choose Carpet

Laminate floor installation

When you’re considering all of the different flooring options, the hardy and durable options can be very appealing. You might consider carpet installation to be an inferior choice, because of its reputation for holding stains. Certainly in some rooms, you’ll want to look at such floor options as tile, linoleum, hardwood, vinyl, and laminate flooring. These are especially great choices for kitchens and bathrooms, and other rooms that see a lot of spills. Still, there’s nothing quite like a nice plush carpet.

Here are the top three reasons you should consider carpet installation!

1. Cleanliness.

Contrary to popular belief, carpet installation is one of the cleaner types of flooring. Hard surfaces such as tile and linoleum are great for resisting liquid spills, but dirt and other debris actually do more damage to us with these floors. If mud is tracked onto a tile floor and allowed to dry, subsequent footsteps can actually cause this debris to crumble into an airborne powder, which can then be inhaled. Carpets, on the other hand, catch the debris and hold it until the owner can safely vacuum.

2. Comfort.

It’s no secret that carpet installation is one of the most comfortable flooring options. Who doesn’t like waking up in the morning and curling their toes into a plush carpet? Carpets are especially nice for cold climates, allowing owners to walk freely throughout their home without being forced to put on shoes.

3. Versatility.

Carpet comes in innumerable designs and styles, allowing homeowners interested in carpet installation to choose their favorite and customize their home. From simple colors to intricate patterns, the owner only has to speak with their carpet installer to discover what options are available. If you only want to carpet one room, to add a bit of comfort, or if you’re interested in renovating the floors throughout your entire home, carpet will provide every conceivable possibility! Continue reading here.

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