Ways to Check the Stability of Your Home Foundation

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As the structural basis of your home, the foundation serves a very important role in your home’s well being. If anything should go wrong with your foundation, the rest of your house could face trouble and you may be facing some hefty fees. Home foundation repair companies can charge anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 for a house foundation repair and concrete foundation repair. If you want to avoid these expenses, it is a good idea to look for warning signs of a damaged foundation and fix problems before they get worse.
Common indications of deteriorating foundation include water damage, cracks in walls above doorways or in the ceiling, door jams, cracks in the floor and window jams. If you notice any of these issues, you might want to consider having a foundation repair contractor do an assessment of your foundation. If you’re lucky, only a few repairs will be necessary to get your foundation back on track. Again, if you let problems go without being checked, you are likely to face expensive repairs in the end.
There are also some other, more proactive ways to check the condition of your foundation. Your foundation should be straight, so if you notice that the walls outside are tilted at all, or there are any bulges in the concrete or bricks, this could mean trouble. You should also check the condition of the concrete around your house. Concrete walls should be resilient to great force, so if you jab at the concrete and it breaks, this is a sign of weakness. Concrete foundation repair can often be very tricky. You can also look at other components of your foundation, such as a crawl space, pillars or the basement walls. Everything should be nice and straight and there should be no standing or pooling water. Water damage is the most common cause of foundation damage and can increase your home foundation repair costs. Learn more: www.durapierfoundationrepair.com

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