What You Need In Your Bathroom in 2014

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The importance of proper upkeep of a bathroom is crucial to homeowners and any guests of homeowners, and bathroom are the areas of housing that require the most maintenance and should be kept sanitary and enjoyable. In ways surpassing aesthetics, certain bathroom appliances and bathroom sink vanity units can work at a level of physical efficiency that can benefit those who own such appliances. For those interested in new bathroom amenities, there are a variety of products that may be solid investments for a number of reasons. Here are a few bathroom installments to look out for, which offer safety, comfort and enjoyability for homeowners and guests alike.

Bathroom Double Sink Vanities
Especially preferred for those with families or multiple individuals in a household, double sink vanities provide separate sinks within the same bathroom sink vanity units to ensure adequate space for separate individuals and any non-shared products. The use of a double sink is helpful and also does not take up too much space. The symmetry is also aesthetically pleasing and gives out a clean vibe. Bathroom sink vanity units tend to be crucial to setting the mood of the room, so it is important to put in the effort with them.

Pressurized Toilets
Pressurized toilets, functioning using compressed air and a dual tank process to efficiently flush. High efficiency toilets such as these use high-power flush while also using minimal water, making these toilets environmentally as well as economically effective, potentially saving up to $100 on family yearly water bills.

Walk In Bathtubs
Walk In Bathtubs are made with comfort in mind
, for those interested in comfortable bathing options or those who have limited mobility and would benefit from this type of tub. Users have the option to use a shower in the tub, or to fill the tub after easily walking into it. Many of these bathtubs also offer seating and rails to help individuals inside.

Soaking Tubs
Becoming newly popular in bathroom design, soaking tubs are used for bathing, except with a much deeper tub than a standard bath tub. These tubs allow users to become more comfortably submerged in the tub, which allows for a more soothing and fulfilling bathing experience.

Corner Bathtubs
Corner bathtubs are just what they sound like, and are a hot new item for many homes. Built to fit in the corner of a bathroom, these bathtubs can save a lot of space, while also allowing for a lot of room inside, often able to bathe two at once. Corner bathtubs are currently very hip, and their interesting shape looks chic and modern in a bathroom.

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