When Dining Out This Winter, You Might Be Seated Outside — Here’s Why

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Most of the country is currently engulfed in the deep freeze of mid-winter — so it’s no surprise that many restaurant diners are skeptical when they are asked if they’d like to be seated outside.

However, seating diners outside is becoming an increasingly-popular practice at restaurants across the nation, thanks to the innovation of the heated outdoor patio design.

According to a December 26 Detroit News article, more restaurants are keeping their outdoor dining space open year-round by enclosing these patios with glass walls and adding heaters, as well as cozy features like thick seat cushions, rugs and even fireplaces in some cases.

At Stella’s Black Dog Tavern in Plymouth, MI, customers react with doubt and skepticism when asked if they’d like to be seated outside, according to the Detroit News. But their opinions soon change as soon as they take in the heated patio design for themselves.

“Once they sit out there and see how nice it feels, how nice everything looks outside in wintertime, they don’t want to sit anywhere else,” Rose Drys, restaurant manager at Stella’s, said.

These outdoor dining spaces aren’t just for customers, either — research has shown that adding a patio or deck can result in an amazing 72% return on investment for restaurants that choose to do so.

At many restaurants, customers actually say they’d prefer to be seated on the outdoor patio — and are willing to wait for an outdoor table even if there are free tables inside, according to the Detroit News.

So if you’re thinking of taking your dining experience outside onto a heated patio design, you might have to get in line — because everyone is doing it.

Would you agree to be seated in outdoor patio space when dining out this winter? Have any other questions for us on brick patios, pool decks or information about other types of patios like travertine tile installations? Share your thoughts and questions with us in the comments below! Continue your research here.

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