When to Hire a Service Repair Company for Your Appliances

Dishwasher repair

No one looks forwards to the time that their appliances start giving them trouble, but the truth is that it’s likely to occur at some time. The good news is that repairing appliances can be a straightforward experience when you’re hiring the services of a great repair company. When appliance repair services are done right the first time it can extend the life of the appliances significantly. Here are some things to consider about the most common household appliances.

Refrigerators are high on the appliance list since most of us wouldn’t want to live without one, or at least not for long. The average refrigerator is going to last for 13 years or so, but you might have to get it serviced within that time frame. As many as 28 percent of the refrigerators that have a freezer either on the top or bottom are going to need service within three or four years, and 36 percent of the side by side types will. Refrigerator repairs can be done quickly through the right company.

If you happen to have a dishwasher you probably rely on it heavily, but 20 percent of them break within three to four years of regular use. Getting the dishwasher fixed will probably be a high priority since most families go through a lot of dishes. Sometimes we wear down our dishwashers just by overloading them. When we pack them too full they don’t get the dishes as clean, which means that we have to run them again. Dishwasher repairs can get them up and running once again.

Your washer and dryer should last ten and 13 years respectively, but again requiring a service at some point is likely. Typically you’ll become aware of the fact that a washing machine is having some issues when it starts to make a lot of noise. Whenever it starts to act up then you know it’s time to call a service company to come check things out. Washing machine repairs and dryer repairs can be straightforward but they still require a professional to get the job done. Dryer repair services are always worth the investment.

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