Why Solar Power is the Old/New Energy

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Let’s Bring to Light Solar power Myths
The sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It seems like a no brainer, but many people take for granted the energy potential of the sun. The sun is one of the greatest sources of energy, beaming down about 8.2 Million Quads of Energy each year The sun is energy that doesn’t need to be drilled or pumped and, unlike other sources of energy, there is no way to deplete it. If you had an apple tree growing in your front yard, wouldn’t you pick the apples once they ripened; the same theory applies for the sun, why not harvest it?

It seems like a lot of the public’s thinking is still stuck in the 1960s in regards to solar energy here are some facts that will hopefully bring to light solar power myths and let you make an informed decisions as to whether solar power can work for your needs.

How Does the Ownership of a Solar Power System Work

Solar power isn’t fidgety; it does not mean that you will be on the roof everyday fiddling around with focusing solar panels.Once a solar power system is installed it needs relatively little maintenance. With proper care, a grid tied solar power system can reliably do its job for up to 40 years. Solar systems can even come with monitor software so homeowners know they need to clear of large debris or spray the panel down with a hose.

How Much Does Solar Power Cost

To install a solar power system it will cost around 25,000. While is this initial startup figure might seem daunting, keep in mind that several states have property tax incentives that are able to offset a significant portion of the startup costs. It is also important to note the energy savings that will be almost immediately apparent once your system is installed.

Nationwide more homeowners are reaping the benefits of solar energy. It is estimated that by 2016, four new solar power systems will be installed each minute. Major corporations have been using solar energy to cut their operational costs for years. Regardless of your location solar energy could be a good choice for you. Solar Panels are able to gather energy in cold, cloudy and hot environments. Find more.

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