Why You Should Install a Screen

French doors with screens

Having retractable screens is a convenient way to transform a space and provide air flow. Whether for a business or a private home, screens can be applied for nearly any situation. If you’re looking for a way to get quality air-flow or grant the illusion of spaciousness to the room, consider installing a retractable screen.

For restaurants, having a screen allows patios to provide outdoor dining in good weather without worrying about bugs bothering the customer, and during the winter months the retractable screen can be removed to prevent wear and tear. Retractable screen doors allow some of the same benefits, preventing annoying and unsanitary insects from entering a dining or kitchen space, yet allowing the breeze to interrupt the heat of summer, or the inherent heat of the kitchen. These options allow a restaurant to take advantage of the fine weather season, and yet avoid certain pitfalls that lead to customer complaints and unhappiness.

The private homeowner will also find many uses for such screens. Building a screened-in porch is a great way to expand your living space and enjoy the fresh air. You might also want to install screens for french doors, or garages, in order to provide the space with the fresh air of the outdoors. Workshops that need ventilation can benefit from the installation of a retractable screen as well, providing an affordable and easy-to-install way of solving the problem.

Some of the typical concerns for homeowners considering the purchase of a screen involve the possibility of damage. Pets, cats especially, are fond of scratching at the material and producing tears. Luckily some manufacturers provide options for pet-resistant screens, solving the issue before it becomes one.

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