With Over $3 Billion in Revenue, the Power Tool Manufacturing Industry Has Choices for Everyone

Wholesale power tools

If you’re unfamiliar with the wholesale tool industry, here are a few facts about power tools in the United States.

  • Tools have been used by civilization since ancient times.
    Tools are essential to human survival. Cavemen used simple handmade tools, but ancient tool development was limited to axes and hammers due to the lack of a power source. The earliest known power tool is the lathe, used by the Egyptians, which can sand, drill, and cut various materials. By the 1930s, Western civilization had advanced power tools that were often housed in cast metal housings.
  • The most popular way to power stationary tools is with an electric motor.
    The 21st century has brought technology into every aspect of our lives, and most of the devices we used are powered by batteries or electricity. Currently, an electric motor is the choice for most power tools, because battery power is insufficient for long periods of use.
  • Auto mechanics represent a large portion of the customer base in the wholesale accessories market.
    Auto body tools and supplies are critical for working on cars. There is an expected 14% increase in the number of auto body mechanics in the U.S., and every auto body shop needs a wide selection of auto body shop tools. Wholesale car accessories and tools are a large portion of the wholesale accessories market.
  • Auto body repair tools can be expensive.
    Anyone who has researched auto body tools for sale knows that not only can power tools cost a lot of money, they are huge and take up a lot of space. Power tools can be up to six feet tall and cost over $10,000! Power tools wholesale suppliers are a great alternative to buying power tools at retail price, because they can offer better deals.
  • The wholesale accessories market caters to both businesses and homeowners.
    Wholesale auto body tools are important for businesses, but homeowners can benefit from power tools as well. There are a variety of wholesale hand tools available for personal use, such as wholesale garden tools to help homeowners work on a garden that might be too difficult to create with conventional tools.
  • A consumer interested in buying wholesale power tools has a lot of options.
    There are close to 250 businesses in the United States that specialize in manufacturing power tools, and this is more than enough to satisfy the market. This means if you are considering purchasing new power tools, you should check with several businesses to see who can offer you the best deal. Get more on this here.

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