Your Moving Checklist The Most Important Thing Ever

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I’ll say it, because no one else will: If you’re moving without a moving checklist, you’re not very smart.

And you may actually be a smart person in other areas of your life. In fact, your intelligence may be one of the key factors in why you think you don’t need a moving checklist. But trust me when I say, you’ve never been wronger about anything in the whole of your existence.

The process of moving simply has too many (pardon the pun) moving parts for any single mortal to keep track of in their heads. There’s all the things to do before the move, and all the things to do the day of the move, and of course all the things to do after the move…

There’s packing. There’s sorting. There’s labeling. There’s cleaning. There’s loading. There’s the post office address change. There’s the professional moving companies’ information (if you’re hiring a moving company). There’s the utility shut-off and turn-on. There’s tracking down any spare keys. There’s the travel. There’s the hotel room info (if you’re moving cross country). There’s updating your bills. There’s fixing any nail-holes in your walls. And that’s just the stuff I came up with off the top of my head, this very moment.

Then there are the variables. What are your responsibilities if you’re working with professional movers (who packs? who loads? are you insured? are they?)? When do you need to have the vehicle back if you’re renting a truck? How many people do you have helping you, and when will they all be showing up? And how many pizzas do you need to buy them? And when?

And what about any moves you do in the future, and all the valuable moving tips and tricks and hacks you learn during this one? Those little things are too valuable to trust to something so vague as the human memory.

Take it from me. I’ve been there. I’ve moved without a moving checklist, and I’ve paid the price. Don’t be so proud that you can’t write a few things down on a clipboard, and you just might make it through this thing. Learn more.

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