3 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Metal Roofing


When considering roof repairs or installation of a new roof, there are various choices to choose from. Choosing a roof type requires consideration of relevant factors such as cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, durability, and reliability. The metal roof is best known for its longevity and durability. It can last up to six decades.

Are metal roofs more energy efficient than shingles? Metal roofs are energy efficient as compared to shingles. Modern metal roof manufacturers produce highly emissive panels that release absorbed heat in summer and retain heat during the cold seasons. You can also install solar panels on metal roofs which helps in the reduction of utility bills.
Are tin roofs cheaper than shingles? The initial cost of buying and installing tin roofs is high. However, the cost is cheap in the long run due to longevity and the low maintenance cost. Shingles have a shorter life span but are cheaper upfront.

Are tin roofs good?

Tin roofs are more eco-friendly. They are made of recycled material that makes them a more sustainable option than other types of roofs. Are tin roofs more expensive than shingles? The initial cost of buying and installing shingles is low. Asphalt shingles need frequent replacement, which leads to increased repair and maintenance costs. They are also made from fossil products, making them unfriendly to the natural ecosystem and increasing reliance on fossil fuels.

Cost of roofing

A roof is arguably the most important part of a home. Everything else in the home can be great, but without a dependable roof, either you’ll be doing constant repairs, or you’ll have to make a huge investment in a replacement roof. Metal roofs, however, are an awesome choice for material, since they can last a lifetime, while asphalt roofing will need to be reproofed every 10 to 20 years. Save your money, time, sanity by choosing a metal roof from the start. Check out the great benefits of metal roofing.


When asked, 88% of consumers said that durability was their number one deciding factor in roof choice, followed by 83% looking for longevity. Metal roofing offers both, which will significantly cut down on roof repairs and inspections. Inspecting your roof every couple of months is a good idea, but you’ll definitely find less issues with a metal roof.


While asphalt roofs are generally cheaper up front, metal roofs are more cost effective in the long run. Not only will they typically save you money on energy within your home, they will also require less roof repairs over time. This is definitely a situation where the up front investment is warranted, and beneficial.


Materials such as asphalt add about 20 billion pounds in waste to landfills in America every year. Metal roofs, in addition to lasting longer, can be laid over the roof you already have, which not only saves you money on the replacement and disposal, but it helps the environment at the same time.

Do you have a metal roof or an asphalt roof? If you’ve had both, do you notice a change in the amount of professional roof repair needed? Let us know your thoughts and comments!

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