Essential Asphalt Maintenance Tools


When it comes to asphalt maintenance, there are essential tools one needs to get professional results at all times. The basis of this video is to show you what those tools are. Starting with a tamper, every contractor needs this tool to – as the name suggests – tamp down asphalt and smaller potholes, and create edges.

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Solid, firm and hard-bristled brooms are a must-have in your supply of tools. The video explains how solid brooms are able to work the ground well and lift up any debris that may be there. A ryno brush is great to use when you seek to have crack repair done. The ryno brush removes any dirt, vegetation, or loose debris that will be in between the cracks.

The video shows how the ryno brush has another end used for getting rid of stubborn dirt. A squidgy, with a reversible head is also one of the must-have tools in this video. Seal coating brushes apply texture to the surface and more pros of it are mentioned in the video. Drill operated mixers, a traditional squidgy, oil flow, and hand cleaning are the last tools and products that bring your essentials together.

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