How to Choose Which Rooms to Upgrade in a Home Makeover


Updating a home is a great way for folks to improve their current living space without feeling as though they need to go out and buy a brand new house. It’s not always easy to know where to renovate, though. While bedrooms and living rooms are where most people spend their time, research shows that kitchen and bathroom renovations offer the most bang for the buck. Over 75% of people decide that the kitchen is the place to upgrade while bathrooms are over 85%. Learn more about the benefits behind upgrading these two rooms and why people should consider these rooms before others.

These Offer the Best return of Investment

Also known as ROI, choosing to upgrade these rooms makes the most sense since this is what folks look for when they go house shopping. Bathrooms bring in over 86% ROI, while small kitchen remodels can bring in over 80% ROI. This is because most folks want the convenience of someplace easy to cook in, and a bathroom that feels comfortable. If homeowners aren’t sure where to start, kitchen and bathroom remodels are a great solution to this problem.

These Are the Quickest Way to Make a Home Modern

Nothing makes a home feel more old-fashioned than dealing with old appliances, especially when they appear dated in the way they look. Choosing to upgrade these rooms gives a modern spin, and feels comfortable since the homeowner can enjoy luxuries such as a dishwasher or walk-in shower, without dealing with the problems that come with older appliances. A modern home is hard to resist for most people, so choosing to start with these rooms is the way to go.

Spending More Time in These Rooms is More Common Than People Realize

Sure, the bedroom and living room might be the places most folks go to chill out in, but they aren’t always the rooms they spend the most amount of time in. Consider all the time it takes to cook meals and ensure everything is ready for the next day. Or what about getting ready in the morning? Kitchens and bathrooms get more use than people realize, and it’s important to ensure they are serving the homeowners well. Choosing kitchen and bathroom remodels makes sense to ensure ease of living, no matter how little time people think they spend in these rooms.

When considering what rooms to upgrade, make the kitchen and bathroom your next choices. They can make it easier to live a quality lifestyle, make the home look more modern, and even increase the value if one chooses to sell. These little touches might not sound like much, but they go a long way in ensuring better living for the homeowner and everyone they share the house with, and a greater value for the investment they make in improving their home.

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