How to Diagnose a Problem With Your Power Tools


This video takes a look at what you can do to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your power tools, whether it’s poor performance, strange noises, or any other problem. The video first shows how to unscrew corded power tools which typically have a motor, brushes, and a cord that runs up to the power switch, though the switches may be wired differently.

Generally, if there’s no power or if the tool runs intermittently, it may mean there’s an issue with the switch. Sometimes a wire may be cut so the problem can be quickly resolved by replacing the wire or switch. Other problems may require replacing the tool or looking for a power tool repair service. Also, things like multimeters can help you diagnose a problem by helping you test for current and continuity.

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Another thing is to ensure all the wires are properly insulated, and the cord is secured. The video points out that brushes can also be a common problem, but fortunately they’re easy to replace and are easy to find at any hardware store. Overall, this video provides a simple tutorial if you’re looking to quickly diagnose and fix problems with your power tools.

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