How to Pressure Wash A Concrete Pool Deck


Pools are often cleaned, but pool owners often forget the importance of cleaning the pool deck. Here are some tips on concrete pool deck washing with pressure washers from How To with Doc.

Firstly, never use a spa wand or a pool filter cleaning wand to clean the pool deck. Only use a pressure washer and surface cleaner.

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Wands can not only damage the concrete but the plastic trim around pools. Also, never use any sort of cleaner. Pressurized water is enough to clean a pool deck. Avoid low pressure, as it will not be strong enough for a good clean.

Buy the smallest pressure washer you can, because you’re not going to use them that often. Use a 33-inch wand, because the standard eighteen-inch will not be long enough.

Release the pressure before you start washing. Wash at the highest points of the pool deck so the water runs down, giving it a clean and rinse.

Once you have the pressure washer going, you can wash any fencing, patios, or sidewalks around the pool area to save you from washing them separately.

Always vacuum your pool after pressure washing the pool deck. The washing will remove a minuscule layer of concrete. Inevitably, some of that will wind up in the pool.

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