How to Support Your Employees as They Return to the Office by Improving Your Business Location


An office upgrade is one of the best ways to improve the mood and creativity at work, offering quality support to your employees. The recent shift to remote work provides an excellent opportunity for you to update your business location before the eventual return of workers. You can increase safety and convenience within the office, leading to your employees being more comfortable, productive, and efficient. Thus, although office renovation can be a costly undertaking, the immediate and long-term effect on workers and your business makes it worthwhile.

So, what are some improvements you can make to your business location as your employees return to the office? This piece presents the factors to consider before beginning the renovation and the tips to follow during the upgrading project. The information allows you to make well-informed decisions before, during, and after the remodeling to facilitate satisfactory and fruitful results.

Factors to Examine Before Improving Your Business Location

Renovating a working space is a big venture with many things that can go wrong if poorly implemented. Therefore, you need to create a streamlined plan that breaks down the project into smaller tasks for better and smoother management. The following are some key elements you should examine to ensure you have a perfect and structured plan for a successful office upgrade:

1. Plan Your Budget

Like every project undertaken, the first thing you need to look at is the budget requirements and your available funds. You want to create a detailed plan showing each upgraded section’s estimates and organize the spending according to your cost plan. Your estimated renovation budget should include materials, construction costs, labor, and a margin to cover hidden costs that surface along the way. You do not want to renovate your office and run out of funds midway or go into debt after completion.

2. Check Possible Violations

It is vital to identify possible violations in the building before beginning your renovation to avoid money-losing stop orders. If your property has unchanged owners for a long period, the structure is likely subject to various building code violations. For example, you could have improperly installed ventilation ducts, non-operating smoke detectors, or have some updates done without a permit. Typically, you can discover these violations when you apply for a permit, requiring you to correct them during the remodeling project.

You can find a general contractor or engineer to walk through the building to find any violations. In addition, you can visit your city council’s online databases that usually have open violations, such as working without a valid certificate of occupancy.

You can turn to small business insurance companies when you intend to correct certain property damages. The insurance helps you cover the corrections and avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for costly damages and repairs.

3. Identify the Building’s Strengths

Identifying your building’s strengths can help you know the best way to upgrade the structure for maximum impact. You can ensure the best results for your upgrading venture by reinforcing those strengths according to today’s standards. For instance, if your building features a sturdy foundation, you can conveniently take down some walls to increase natural lighting inside the office space. You can also create more openings if your environment includes stunning views, enabling your employees and clients to appreciate the skyline and vistas.

Upgrading Tips for Your Business Location

Once you have your upgrading plans in order, you can begin working on your business location to enhance support and comfort for your employees. If you are unsure where to start, the list below will help you determine the steps to commence and complete a satisfactory renovation. These tips enable you to identify the different office sections you can improve, enhancing convenience when remodeling your business location partly or entirely.

1. Redo Your Lighting Scheme

You need to install a lighting scheme that offers the perfect balance between electric and natural lighting. Many companies incorporate bright lights with a harsh effect on the eyes, causing employees to experience glare. Other institutions have dimmer lighting systems that can strain your eyes, causing headaches and fatigue. This discomfort leads to workers struggling under the lights and subsequently reducing productivity.

You want to find human-centric solutions such as LED fixtures that enable centralized and dimmable management in industrial production. It is advisable to avoid the latest trends of re-purposed early industrial-style fixtures and Edison bulbs if you run a white-collar business since they are more suitable for coffee shops and beer joints. Additionally, you can take the chance to install a commercial solar power system to improve energy conservation and save utility bills.

2. Work on Your Flooring

Upgrading your floor can considerably lift the look of your business location, and hence, you want to examine high-quality materials to work on it. Buying contemporary carpets is one of the pocket-friendly ways you can update your floor. You can place the rugs strategically around the lobby and rooms or find a large and stylish carpet to fit the entire space for a uniform and professional look.

Another technique to improve your floor is to utilize epoxy that allows for engineering and structural adhesives. Epoxy floor coatings offer several advantages, including decorating the ground and resisting chemicals such as acids and solvents. The resistance and durability let you clean and maintain the floor stress-free without concerns about fading or cracking damage. You can also apply this quality and stylish coating in your business’s workshops, warehouses, and production areas because the high-strength floor supports mechanical loads and heavy utility.

Furthermore, you can conveniently create your desired look from the various designs and colors of epoxy floors available. The material also merges well with underfloor heating to make it sustainable, aiding you in creating more space by eliminating the need for radiators.

3. Install Hygiene Utilities

The current global situation means businesses must modify their structure and facilities to enhance safety and hygiene. You can renovate your working space to include utilities like a hand washing station for your employees. In addition, you can install a separate washing station for visitors and clients if you have a limitless budget. You can set up ergonomic holders around the lobby and other rooms and place sanitizers for easy access as workers move around the building.

4. Improve the Curb Appeal

You know the importance of making the first impression as a small business owner, and thus, improving the curb appeal is a critical element to include in your project. The aesthetic appeal of the landscaping and building makes the first impression on employees and visitors. It helps them feel a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere from the moment of arrival, making it interesting for workers as they come to work daily.

You can upgrade your curb appeal in different ways, such as installing commercial storefront glass. This installation adds style and natural lighting to your building while allowing the office to feel more spacious. It also boosts your building’s value, which can come in handy during a future property sale. Another way to improve your exterior appeal is to freshen up your signage by getting modern printing with stencil details on new panels or repainting older ones.

Besides these, you can upgrade your front garden using several budget-friendly maintenance ideas, such as planting the area with seasonal flowers. It is best to remove dead or dying grasses or shrubs around the building and replace them with fresh plants. If you own a spacious business location, you can plant large bushes and trees to make an impact and create dynamic focal points. Adding flower pots around the building or entryway allows you to incorporate color into the environment that seamlessly blends with the natural and concrete surroundings.

Repainting the building’s outside also gives your business location a livelier appearance to boost your mood when arriving at work. Besides, you can contact a commercial roofing professional to help you change or fix your roof for sufficient protection. You can get contemporary roofing materials to complete your office makeover, making employees feel like they are in an entirely new building.

5. Pave Your Parking Space

Parking lot paving is another way of improving your business location that also simultaneously increases curb appeal. You want to look at the four primary features that determine an excellent paving job, including:

A Good Sub-Base

The sub-base is the most critical component of a new asphalt parking space, ensuring a durable and sturdy outcome. The parking lot will distort under the weight of car traffic when you have a poor gravel foundation. Hence, it is necessary to get professional contractors to ensure high-quality and precise sub-base installation to support long-lasting utility.

Smooth Transition

The smooth integration of new asphalt into the existing pavement is vital when expanding your parking lot. You want your employees to enjoy a bump-free drive to work by having a smooth transition from the old pavement to the new one. It is important to hire qualified workers with attention to detail to ensure you can achieve sharp edging and an even surface.

Proper Drainage

You need to incorporate carefully constructed drainage systems into your paving upgrade since water naturally has to go somewhere. Proper drainage facilitates efficient water flow, preventing water buildups that eventually result in long-term damage to the lot.

Aside from redoing your pavement, you can also repaint the stripes around the parking space to create a new feel while enhancing the site’s visual appeal. You can include upgrades to enhance accessibility for disabled users during your paving project, helping get an ADA-compliant lot.

6. Look at Your Heating and Cooling System

Fixing your heating and cooling system is another way of improving your business conditions to deliver more comfort and support for your workers. Poor indoor temperatures can easily lead to fatigue and other discomforts that distract the employees, lowering productivity. Getting quality service from a local ac company allows you to identify and fix any underlying issues that compromise your system’s efficiency.

Fixing and maintaining your heating and cooling system also enhances your convenience in budget management, since you can reduce utility costs by preventing energy wastage from inefficient operations. An efficient system enables you to prolong the equipment’s service life since the unit does not overwork to compensate for airflow imbalance.

Aside from these, you can add ceiling fans around the building to help minimize unnecessary use of the cooling and heating systems. Modern fans are convenient to operate in winter and summer, allowing you to stay comfortable without excessive spending on energy bills. You can set the fan to rotate clockwise in winter and counterclockwise during summer at a low speed for satisfactory performance.

7. Upgrade Your Interior Décor

Aside from curb appeal, you also want to renovate your interior and create a stylish yet professional décor to reflect your business ideas and attitude. You can begin by setting up commercial doors to improve security and enhance privacy for separate departments. Next, you can fix different structures within the building, such as having a commercial elevator repair or replacing lobby facilities. After this, you can also repaint the lobbies and update the finishes in toilet rooms and elevator cabins for an overall newer look.

Another interior upgrade you could consider is adding new painted colors on the walls and blending ceiling tiles, making your building up-to-date. Depending on your business type, you can add artistic flair to the wall work, such as incorporating inspiring phrases for your employees and smart quotes advertising your business to visitors. Moreover, you can get artistic furniture if your business deals with creativity, enabling your employees to feel comfortable and inspired as they work.

With the improved management of the pandemic, many institutions are gradually returning to working from the office. Using the guidelines above, you can upgrade your office space to create a safe and supportive environment for your returning employees. After completing your renovation, it is essential to give your workers time to adapt to the change and help them learn about any new features added to the office. You can have team leaders demonstrate new technological functions and conduct tours through the upgraded space.

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