Key Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Home Styles


Your home should be a place you feel comfortable in — and how you decorate and furnish your home can play a major role in how it makes you feel. So if you are interested in switching up your home style, or if you’re 14% of people who think their home decor and furnishings can actually make them feel stressed and gloomy, then it’s definitely time for you to make a change. So to help you get started on choosing new living room furniture, we’re going to discuss a few key differences between two common styles of furniture and home decor: modern and contemporary.


While many people make the mistake and think modern style is simply the style of today, it’s actually from a completely different time period. Modern style, also called mid-century modern, consists of a blend of the 1950s style and a touch of the industrial revolution — this style essentially resulted from the modernism movement of the 1800s. Bright colors that have a warm feel to them are common in modern style. Additionally, furniture and other decor pieces chosen in this style usually have some level of function rather than just being for show. Another key element of modern design is strong lines — so instead of soft curves, many walls and furniture in modern style will have stripes or bold edges. Clean, sleek lines and pieces are staples of modern design.


Unlike modern style, contemporary style actually changes because it’s designs and styles that are popular today — which changes as time goes on. This means that contemporary style can actually consist of several different styles. Currently, minimalism is a key element of contemporary design, along with a natural environment feel. So using sustainable materials, especially for hardwood flooring and carpet installation, is popular. Contemporary style also tends to utilize distinct and bold colors mixed with whites and monochromatic themes. And unlike modern style, contemporary furniture tends to feature more curves and focus more on being comfortable than aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, there are numerous differences between modern and contemporary styles, although both styles tend to lean towards clean lines and a calming environment. So when you’re choosing new living room furniture, keep these styles in mind for a welcoming and stylish space.

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