Make Sure All Your Scrap Metal Is Properly Recycled


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Did you know that the United States processes enough ferrous scrap metal daily to build 25 Eiffel Towers each day? Additionally, the United States recycles approximately 150 million metric tons of scrap metal each year. Recycling metal is common to do in the U.S. not only because numerous types of metal can be recycled, but also because there are several benefits of recycling metal.

– Types of recyclable metals. Many types of metal can be recycled. Aluminum, steel alloy, and tungsten carbide, for example, are all forms of metal that can be collected, melted, and reshaped for additional use. In fact, it is advantageous to recycle tungsten carbide scrap because this metal is twice as stiff as steel and is resistant to heat. Additionally, tungsten carbide is used to coat titanium in order to increase the durability of titanium. Tungsten carbide scrap prices have also increased recently, which means that by recycling carbide using carbide recyclers, you will get the most for your metal.

– Benefits of recycling metal. There are several important reasons to recycle metal. Not only does recycling metal conserve natural resources, but it also decreases the amount of environmental damage that is caused by mining, as well. Additionally, recycling metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions because it takes less energy to recycle metal than it does to produce metal from raw ore. Since tungsten carbide scrap prices are also relatively high, there are several benefits of recycling metal.

It is common to recycle metal in the United States. This is because numerous types of metal can be recycled, and there are also many benefits of recycling metal. As a result, recycling your scrap metal not only helps the environment, but it even puts money in your pocket, as well. Helpful info also found here:

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