Replacing Vinyl Floor with Ceramic Tile


This video is for homeowners who want a modern yet classic bathroom ceramic floor instead of a vinyl floor. It provides step-by-step guidance to homeowners that wish to replace their old vinyl floor with ceramic tiles.

The best thing to start with is removing any fixtures in your bathroom. Though removing vinyl flooring is relatively easy, using a sharper tool like a putty knife can speed up the process. Whether you make it a DIY project or hire a professional for the task, suitable flooring is durable and can reduce your maintenance cost.

Video Source

That’s why this is a great video to listen to if you want to know how to install a well-leveled, stable residential tile.

Many homeowners use a cement board as a base for the tiles. Be sure to properly fit your cement board against the edges or parts of the trimmed walls. Also, with many cutting tools to choose from, it’s best to find something that cuts accurately and is safe to use. Overall, the video helps homeowners do an excellent job in replacing bathroom vinyl floors with ceramic floors.

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