Taking A Look At Painting Your Home


There are many reasons to paint your home. For one thing, it can be a great way to get your home ready to be sold, putting it up on the market with a fresh coat of paint. Not only can a fresh coat of paint simply help to make your home look more put together, more new, more ready to be moved into, the color of the paint that you choose can also actually end up having quite the major effect. Simply painting a bathroom blue has actually been found to bump up the selling price of any given home by as much as $5,400, though no one’s exactly sure why this is the case.

You might also decide to paint much of your home in neutral shades. Neutral tones have become quite popular indeed when it comes to the typical American home. After all, recently gathered data has very much backed this up, with nearly half of all home owners stating that they would prefer a neutral color palette, should they ever decide to redecorate their home. Therefore, it makes quite a bit of sense that people who are looking to sell their home would choose neutral tones to go throughout it. Add to this the fact that neutrals can better allow prospective home owners to view the home as a fresh slate of sorts and you can see just how impactful such a small change can be.

But no matter why you might be painting your home, to sell it or even just to add some life back into it for your own personal enjoyment, it will be important to take a good deal of time not just in choosing the colors that you use, but in the type of paint that is used as well. When picking out a paint, you will always want to choose a latex free, low VOC paint. Fortunately, more and more paints are now non toxic wall paints, and this is something that is particularly important to make note of. Volatile organic compounds, can, after all, have a hugely detrimental impact on your overall health. If you don’t choose non toxic wall paint or just non toxic paint in general, you are likely to experience some of these detriments.

For instance, children living in the top most highly concentrated homes where volatile organic compounds have been found (and non toxic wall paint will likely not be) are more than 100% more likely to develop conditions like eczema and even asthma. And they are more than 300% likely to develop rhinitis. Allergies are also more commonplace for such children, as studies have conclusively found that even just small exposure levels to PGEs can double the chances of developing at least some types of allergies during their childhood years.

Adults can also fall victim to the ill effects of volatile organic compounds, including those that are found in all different types of paint. For many adults, this only drives home just how important using non toxic wall paint really is. After all, adults who have various chemical sensitivities are likely to begin feeling the negative impact of the VOCs they are exposed to after only just 500 ppb of the volatile organic compounds that are present. Therefore, there is no doubting the fact that non toxic wall paint is important for every single person, from the young to the old and to everyone in between as well.

Fortunately, it is becoming easier to avoid these volatile organic compounds than truly ever before. For one thing, buying non toxic wall paint is quite simply and non toxic wall paint now actually makes up the brunt of all wall paint that is sold. Of course, not ALL paint will be from or low in volatile organic compounds, but whether or not a paint qualifies as non toxic wall paint – or non toxic any other kind of paint, for that matter – will be easy to see on the labeling for the paint that you’re considering.

And if you’ve already applied paint with VOC in it – don’t panic. The strength of the volatile organic compounds in question will greatly dissipate over the course of a year or so.

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