The Importance Of Animal Control Services


The need for animal control services is greater than ever, especially when one considers invasive species and infestations as well. Rather than calling 911 animal control often has their own number where you can reach a qualified professional who can access the situation. In non-emergency situations, this is usually the best way to go to get your questions answered. Granted, that non-911 number may not be the easiest to remember when you’re in need of an opossum removal and searching ‘animal control nearby’ on your phone.

If you’re not sure how to contact animal control directly, a simple web search should bring up their official site for your area. Barring that, a local animal help center or even an animal care website local to your area should have their number listed. Professional animal control agents are able to provide relatively quick and completely humane control of wild animal populations, which is by far one of the most sought-after forms of animal control in modern society.

There are many situations in which animal control should really be called, so having their information around in your emergency kit is generally a good idea.

In the United States and all throughout the rest of the world animal control services have become more essential than ever before. From squirrel removal to rat removal and everything in between, the rise of unwanted rodents in our communities is simply undeniable no matter where you in the world you might journey to. Therefore, the typical animal and rodent removal company has become an essential staple in many parts of the world.

For instance, an animal control professional will always be necessary for matters regarding squirrel control. Squirrel control is essential in many communities where squirrels are present, as squirrel families can get into attics and other spaces far more easily than many people realize. And squirrel control should never be attempted by a homeowner without animal control experience, as this attempt at squirrel control can lead to injury on the part of the people trying to remove the squirrels as well as to the squirrels themselves.

Fortunately, an animal control company that can provide squirrel control services is likely to be available in the area. This company will be able to provide human squirrel removal services, the form of squirrel control that is certainly one of the most sought after. Squirrel control might seem daunting, but the professionals who have been trained in such matters will be more than able to take on such a task – and to do it in a safe and humane way, reducing the risks that can come with squirrel control and squirrel removal when someone who is not a professional undertakes it.

In addition to the need for squirrel control, rats and other rodents like mice are also quite common throughout the world. After all, they currently consume or in some other way contaminate as much as one-fifth of the entire world population of food. However, this is where we can clearly see the impact of animal control services, as a world without animal control services like squirrel control and the like would see rodents consuming up to half of all of the food in the world. There is no doubting that this would change the way that people live, in some cases quite dramatically.

The need for rodent control has become particularly strong in cities and other such urban environments. After all, cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City (the three most rat-infested cities in the United States) among many others provide the perfect breeding ground for such rodents. Not only is food abundant for them to scavenge, but so too are hiding and living spaces. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this rise.

In fact, the number of rodent-related calls in many cities, particularly in those found in the United States, is very much on the rise. In the city of Chicago alone, rodent-related calls have skyrocketed upwards by more than 60% in the last few years alone. In the city of New York City, things are even direr. In this city, such rodent-related calls have been seen to increase by a staggering 129%. And in the city of San Francisco, things are, somehow, worse. In this city, the number of rodent-related calls has, over the course of the last few years, rising by very nearly 175%.

After all, rats and many other rodents are able to breed with incredible speed, as anyone who is involved in the animal control industry is likely to be quite well aware of. In fact, a population of two rats (though, of course, it is necessary for one rate to be male and the other to be female for this scenario to play out) can explode into a population of well over 400 million rats. The time that it would take to do this, if the breeding conditions for these rats were ideal, would only be a mere three or so years.

Fortunately, there are more animal control professionals than ever before. From squirrel control to rat control to animal control services for other types of unwanted rodents, the need for animal control is truly greater than ever. At the end of the day, this statement will only become more true.

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