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Your lawn is something that deserves the best care and protection that you can provide to it. This is why a brand new lawn mower might make sense as part of your best lawn practices. You might decide that you want to take on some residential landscaping ideas yourself and see what you can make of your home, or you might decide that it is best to leave the best lawn care practices to the professionals who have been doing this kind of work for a very long time. The choice is entirely yours, but the important thing to remember is that you should care what your lawn looks like at all times.

The best lawn mowing service can help you remain compliant to the laws regarding length of grass and other landscaping measures, and it can help make your property more attractive than it otherwise would have been. This may increase the value of the proper over time to potential buyers down the line. Remember, appearances do matter quite a bit, and it is always nice to see something that has clearly received a lot of tender loving care. That is why you should sink your energy into making your property the kind of property that has that care in it.

Chicago organic lawncare

Each year, estimated $25,000,000,000 is spent for the lawn care industry in the United States. Of that number, a significant amount is spent on synthetic pesticides, of which an estimated 67,000,000 pounds are used on American lawns every year. This fact is likely concerning to a growing percentage of the population who are worried about the effect harmful chemicals and solutions may have on their environment and those they love. How, for example, might these synthetic pesticides and other products affect family members and pets who spend time on and around the lawn on which these chemicals have been used? These concerns are not unfounded: research shows that an estimated 60% of the nitrogen used in commercial fertilizers can end up being washed away, causing pollution.

Facts such as this are likely frustrating for those who are looking for healthy lawn tips, but are unwilling or reluctant to use traditional synthetic products. However, there is good news: there are a number of natural lawn care and organic lawn care services that can help your lawn grow lush, green, and healthy. It’s time to stop looking for healthy lawn tips and get specific; instead, it’s time to ask how to maintain a healthy lawn organically.

There are a number of benefits to having a healthy lawn, such as curb appeal and increased property value should you attempt to sell you home. Research even shows that eight average healthy front lawns have the cooling effect of as much as 70 tons of air conditioning, enough for 16 average homes. It is a therefore a major advantage of organic lawn care that organic and natural lawn care products are not only better for the environment and your health, but can often be more cost-effective than regular use of commercial lawn products. Unlike a lawn treated with chemical fertilizers and products, organic lawns typically use less fungicide, and also allow soil to retain moisture longer. And unlike traditional lawn care products, organic pesticides and other organic lawn care products, do not harm beneficial insects such as ladybugs.

Organic fertilizer and other organic lawn treatments are made from all natural ingredients, making it safer for both people and pets than traditional lawn care products. So don’t trust your family and pets to strange chemicals: keep your lawn healthy with organic lawn care.
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