Top Reasons to Rent Contractor Supplies and Equipment


Renting contractor supplies and equipment is typically not a favored option, but listening to this video will change your mind. First, the video debunks the common myth that renting equipment is a waste of money.

It explains that renting equipment can be cost-effective if you structure your RPO well.

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An RPO is a rental purchase option agreement that gives you the option to buy rental equipment at the end of a minimum rental period.

So, you can buy machinery or send it back without incurring too much risk. According to the video, myth number two is that rental equipment can be of inferior quality and unreliable. Yet another myth is that rental doesn’t offer the latest technology.

However, most reputable companies provide high-quality equipment that allows you to be competitive and productive. Whether you don’t have the capital, or you’re not sure, or you simply don’t want to spend capital buying equipment, renting is a great option that’s increasingly becoming popular in the construction industry.

Overall, this is one of the best videos around to convince you to consider renting contractor supplies and equipment as a viable option for your business.

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