Useful information about drill bit selection


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Useful information about drill bit selection
Drilling bits are depending on the material you are working over but still we would like to suggest the following meaningful tips for perfect drilling.

1.  Drilling in Metals:
HSS drill bits are perfectly suitable to non ferrous metals. These include non-alloyed steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass.

2.  Drilling in Woods:
For deep holes in wood we would recommend you the auger drills bits. And, it must be in your mind that hardware drill bits, hinge cutting bits, and Forstner drill bits are generally used for large bit diameter.

3. Drilling in concrete:
For concrete drill bit, we would suggest you to use rotary hammer. In case, the wall is filled with porous material, you should prefer rotary drilling for best results. It is applied to porous boarded walls and bricks.  For all work in these materials, a masonry drill bit is required.

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