Whats the Biggest Home Siding Mistake?


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When building a home, many mistakes can be made; however, the biggest home siding mistake comes when the siding is put on the house too soon. In this video, you’ll learn from an industry expert about what a siding mistake is and how to fix it.

Why does it matter?

For the sake of scheduling, many home builders choose to throw up siding on a house as soon as framing is done. However, this means when the plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen come by, they’ll have to guess and tear through the siding to get to the needed components and places to set up the house correctly. This means every penetration into the home will leave air gaps and require more work to be done to seal those gaps.

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Prevent your pricey siding mistake

The most simple prevention is by not allowing the problem to happen in the first place. When framing your house, hold off on the siding installation until all of the other trades are done with the house (plumbers, electricians etc). Once they have done their work, now is the time to fit the siding around all the work that has been done. Thus allowing a clean and airtight install without the need to fix any mistakes.

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